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Take a closer look at our Original Candle scents

These are our classic scents which make us The Northern Wood Co. Contrasting our Botanical scents, these candles, tea lights and wax melts feature notes of woods and spices

Tonka & Dark Honey

Perfect for cold, darker nights.

A dark and addictive scent to fill the air. The intoxicating blend of Tonka bean and dark honey is a deep and rich aroma that will bring comfort to your home.

  • Top: Tonka Bean
  • Mid: Vanilla · Cinnamon · Almond · Cloves
  • Base: Tobacco Flower
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Cedarwood & Jasmine

Perfect for lazy summers.

Walk through a summer flower garden. This is a subtle, yet stimulating blend of sweet, woody notes infused with florals.

  • Top: Sandalwood · Black Pepper
Mid: Patchouli
  • Base: Amber · Leather · Musk
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Sandalwood & Black Pepper

Great for curling up with a book.

Divine, sensual notes of sandalwood and black pepper evokes feelings of warmth, security and well-being. Enriched with fresh patchouli notes, warm teak and musks to create an incredibly complex, rich scent.

  • Top: bergamot · eucalyptus · thyme
  • Mid: jasmin · muguet · cedarwood · iriswood · vetivert
  • Base: patchouli · cocoa · amber · oakmoss · tonka bean · musks
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Frankincense & Myrrh

Great to set the holiday mood.

Evoke nostalgic feelings of past holidays with the classic Frankincense & Myrrh jar candle. Complex aromatics with florals enchanted further with a range of spices.

  • Top: Fresh Citrus · Eucalyptus · Juniper · Lavender
  • Mid: Cinnamon · Clove · Orris
  • Base: Amber · Sandalwood · Cedar · Patchouli · Musk · Vanilla
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If you have any questions about our Rapeseed and Coconut wax candles, tea lights or wax melts – please get in touch, we’re always happy to help or you can browse the shop.

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