Room Sprays

Breathe new life into your space and make a great first impression. Discover our range of luxury room sprays, available in all our curated scents. Pair them up with our Candles or Wax Melts to keep your space smelling amazing.


How do I use a room spray?

Room sprays are a great way to quickly refresh a space, our sprays are available in all of our curated scents. Just the remove the cap, point away from the face, furniture and spray around 3 – 6 times depending on your preference for a instant mood boost. Repeat as desired.

How are room sprays different from candles?

With candles, the heat created by the ignited wick is what releases the scent and disperses throughout the room over a couple of hours. Room sprays can instantly fill a space with scent for a short time, which you top up as you wish. You can pair up a spray with a candle to keep the scent going for a longer time.

Handmade inNewcastle Upon Tyne

Natural Rapeseed& Coconut Wax

No PreservativesAdded


Cotton orPaper-core Wicks

Vegan &Cruelty-Free

Handmade inNewcastle Upon Tyne

Natural Rapeseed & Coconut Wax

No Additives, Preservatives

Biodegradable Packaging

Cotton or Paper core Wicks

Vegan &Cruelty-Free