Wood Relief Prints

Every tree, in every forest, has a story to tell

A wood relief print is a unique way to add an eye-catching detail to your home decor. Made from a cross-section of a tree, this wall art is inspired and taken from nature. Each print has its own unique detail and a minimalistic black and white style. A great conversation starter and statement piece to enjoy.

Each print is 148 x 148mm and printed on 300gsm paper sourced from FSC certified forests.

We use sustainable packaging and donate 10% of each sale to replanting charities in the UK.

What is a wood relief print?

A wood relief print is a cross-section of a log slice, with the texture transferred to paper to showcase its beauty. To create our original wood relief prints, we borrow from nature. We will never destroy a tree to create our prints, but use trees that have previously fallen due to natural causes.

The process of wood relief printing

Our wood relief prints are sourced from fallen trees. Before we can print, each piece of wood will go through a multi-step process to enhance the definition.

Depending on the wood type, different techniques can be used from blow-torching to wetting and brushing or carving, each one has a different effect on how the print will end up. Once completed the wood is scanned digitally and is ready to be printed in the UK using paper from FSC certified forests.

What frame do I need for my print?

Each print is 148 x 148mm. Frames are not included, so that you can choose the one that best fits your home decor. Our prints are sent to you in a biodegradable sleeve made from Clear Compostable PLA (vegetable starch) and a cardboard backed envelope which is made from recycled boxes and can be recycled.