Tea Lights

Set the mood with our hand poured tea light candles.

Bring the essence of the outdoors into your home with our tea light candles. Perfectly packed with scents inspired by nature. If you’re looking to buy tea light candles that are vegan and eco friendly, then our small but strong candles are an ideal pick.

We’ve carefully curated scents to be used all year round. English Pear & Freesia brings springtime to your door or if you’re looking for something for colder nights, then our Tonka & Dark Honey tea lights have a deep and rich aroma.

We use rapeseed and coconut wax for a sustainable choice. We also use sustainable packaging.

Our tea lights are also available in jar candles and wax melts too.

Why is a tea light called a tea light?

Tea lights were originally used to keep the teapot warm during tea ceremonies. They not only kept the tea warm but marked the passage of time too. During the Victorian era they became the sensible way to keep food and drink warm at each meal.

Nowadays, though they can still be used in this way (fondue set anyone?), they’re also a very popular and affordable way to create mood lighting. They’re a low key and calming illumination. The perfect countermeasure to our high tech age.

Tea lights are also related to votive candles – those used in religious and spiritual ceremonies. Tea lights are often used in this way as an alternative, to meditate, give honour, seek help or pray.

How long do tea lights last?

Our tea light candles are 16g and give you around 2 hours melt time each. They come in packs of 6. To help the aroma disperse around your home, we recommend burning 2 or 3 at a time.

What can I use instead of a tea light?

We also produce jar candles and wax melts as well as gift sets and bundles.

Handmade inNewcastle Upon Tyne

Natural Rapeseed& Coconut Wax

No PreservativesAdded


Cotton orPaper-core Wicks

Vegan &Cruelty-Free

Handmade inNewcastle Upon Tyne

Natural Rapeseed & Coconut Wax

No Additives, Preservatives

Biodegradable Packaging

Cotton or Paper core Wicks

Vegan &Cruelty-Free